Glass Art

by Eric BONTE


Born in 1956 

After a scientific baccalaureate, he entered the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts, Olivier de Serres, in Paris.


The school provides a varied education. Eric chooses stained glass as specialty. For the infinite possibilities he feels to work linked to color, to light, and his attraction for an artistic and technical approach at the same time.


As soon as he left school in 1979, he took over a workshop in Issy les Moulineaux from JJK RAY.


Taking over a workshop was for him the way to lead a professional experience and a creative adventure. Artist and entrepreneur, creator and manager, it is a question of giving oneself the means to create, to express oneself, to exist through one's art.


1979 - 1988 "Eric Bonte stained glass", Issy les Moulineaux

During all these years he was entrusted with prestigious projects, for the Plaza Athénée, or the Raphael hotel in Paris, for the head office of Cap Gémini Sogetti in Paris.

He became Jean Bazaine's glass artist. Eric created for him the stained glass windows of the cathedral of St Dié des Vosges, those of the Chapel of St Guénolé Penmarch. He restores his stained glass windows in the church of St Séverin in Paris.

At the same time, he participates in numerous exhibitions for personal creations.

Draftsman, painter, master glassmaker, glass sculptor, Éric Bonte tries "to combine the thoughtful, patient, mature side of creation with the spontaneity of the moment in a sensitive and artistic synthesis." It contributes to the evolution of the art of stained glass.